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<b>31-Day Pass/Express Zone 4</b>
31-Day Pass/Express Zone 4

Unlimited rides for 31 days from the date of first use. Emergency Ride benefit applies with certain limitations. Use for express routes #901-915.

Conditions of Use

  1. Lost, stolen, or destroyed passes cannot be replaced. The price of this pass is not refundable. Passes are not transferable.
  2. Do not fold or bend. The magnetic strip will be damaged and cause the farebox to reject the pass.
  3. All passes are activated the first time used, and are valid for unlimited rides through expiration date.

31-Day Passes valid for unlimited rides beginning with date of first use during specified time period. Express Route #901-915 31-Day Passes are only accepted on Express Route #917-950 buses after they have been stamped with an expiration date by a CTTRANSIT farebox.

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